A Message from Superintendent Wrend Regarding Act 46

LSSU sent a letter today urging the Vermont State Board of Education (VSBE) to reconsider their provisional decision to force the districts of Elmore-Morristown and Stowe to merge.

The VSBE’s provisional decision to merge Stowe and Elmore-Morristown is in direct contrast to the recommendations of both the Secretary of Education and the Elmore-Morristown and Stowe local school boards. The current structure of the Elmore-Morristown Unified Union (EMUU) and Stowe School District (SSD) is the best means for meeting the goals of Act 46 for the three towns in our region. The supplemental information provided in the letter to the VSBE details how our current structure meets or exceeds the goals of Act 46.

The boards concluded that both Elmore-Morristown and Stowe already meet or exceed every Act 46 standard.  We are asking the VSBE to reconsider their preliminary decision and make a final determination that is in line with the Secretary of Education’s and the local communities, and one that is in the best interest of our students.

The VSBE will be considering the supplemental information at their meeting on Thursday, November 15.  School board members David Bickford and Jim Brochhausen will be presenting to the VSBE and will outline why the current structure is the best way to meet the stated goals of Act 46.  Members of the community are welcome to attend the meeting, and there will be an opportunity for public comment in the morning.

The full letter sent to the VSBE can be found here.  

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