Act 46 Update - November 1, 2018

At their last meeting, the Vermont State Board of Education took action that sets the stage for a change in governance for the districts of LSSU. The State Board of Education provisionally voted to merge the Stowe and Elmore-Morristown districts into a single district by July 1, 2019.  This action has prompted a number of questions, many of which will be answered over the coming weeks and months.

Regardless of the governance structure, please be assured that the day-to-day experiences of teaching and learning in our schools will continue as they are today. A change in governance does not equate to a change in school operations. We will continue our work to address our priorities for student learning, school culture and instructional best practice. Any changes that affect student learning will be made through thoughtful, collaborative and transparent processes, as they always have.  Parents and the larger school community can continue to expect to be active and informed partners in the education of our students in their local schools.

Both school boards and I believe that our alternative governance proposal to continue in our current governing structure is the best means for achieving Act 46’s goals of quality, equity, transparency and affordability. The boards of EMUU and SSD will be thoughtfully and thoroughly considering options, drawing upon our nine years of study of school governance for our communities and carefully planning next steps.

LSSU has a long history of being both innovative and prepared. We will find the windows of opportunity, leverage positivity and keep our focus squarely on doing our best for our students and communities.

We will continue to provide information and updates.  All are welcome to attend upcoming regular and special meetings of the EMUU and SSD boards:

  • Stowe Board Special Meeting:  Thursday, November 1, at 6:00pm in the SES gym
  • Stowe Board Regular Meeting:  Monday, November 5, at 6:00pm in the SES music room
  • EMUU Regular Board Meeting:  Tuesday, November 6, at 5:00pm in the MES Library
  • LSSU, Stowe and EMUU concurrent Special Meetings:  Thursday, November 8, at 6:00pm in the MES Library

Meeting minutes and information will be posted on board websites.  

Tracy Wrend, Superintendent

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