Coronavirus Update - March 10, 2020

A Message From Superintendent Tracy Wrend

As predicted, Coronavirus (COVID-19) has arrived in Vermont. While this is very sad news, guidance for schools is unchanged and emphasizes prevention (hand washing, staying home when sick, and using cough/sneeze etiquette) and supports continuation of normal school events and activities.  

While events go on as planned locally, we are carefully reviewing all school events and activities where there may be contact with individuals from affected communities and will change or cancel plans in consultation with the Vermont Department of Health. We will provide additional updates about school events and activities as plans change via website announcements and direct email.  

For the coming week, this means all events, including the championship hockey game, One Acts, PAML’s dance, PA’s Spring Sports Meeting, SES’s trip to the rink for ice dancing, MES’s trip for two classes to the Centennial Library, and others are currently going forward as planned.  We are closely monitoring both the expert guidance and new developments on an ongoing basis and will change or cancel event plans if indicated. 

LSUU has established a task force that is monitoring developments and preparing for the possibility that the illness may arrive in the communities of Lamoille South.  Preparedness efforts include planning for cancellation of events, activities and travel, continuity of student learning for extended absences or school closure, provision of essential social and medical services and meals, information sharing, and communications. The team is also reviewing and ensuring all schools are following recommendations for school operations, including cleaning and disinfecting, increased ventilation systems airflow, supporting students with handwashing and hygiene, and connecting individuals with health supports for care and information as needed.

In the coming days, we are expecting additional guidance from the Vermont Department of Health and Agency of Education on considerations for schools, and will work closely with these partners to ensure we are following recommendations and meeting the needs of our students, schools, and communities.  

For current information and guidance, please rely on the Vermont Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control resources:

We will continue to provide information and updates as new information becomes available. Please feel free to contact your school’s principal, health office or Jordan Myerson at 802-585-4087 or [email protected].


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