End Of School Year Gatherings

A Message From Superintendent Tracy Wrend

The Secretary of Education today issued further guidance regarding end of school year gatherings and graduation.  The guidance states that school year gatherings and graduations are limited to 10 people or less, with careful physical distancing and hygiene requirements.  Any events with more than 10 people will need to occur virtually or by means other than in-person gatherings.  You can read the guidance here.

Schools are being encouraged to plan creatively with their communities for opportunities to celebrate milestones and graduations.  I have no doubt that LSUU will rise to this challenge. 

While I know this news is likely disappointing to many, especially our hardworking high school seniors and their families, we will be working to find innovative solutions that ensure celebrations will be safe and supportive of our students and their achievements. 

We welcome any creative ideas you may have around these events and will continue to keep you updated as decisions are made around our end of year celebrations.  Thank you for your patience, your understanding and your support as we navigate these unprecedented challenges. 


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