Grading Update for High School Students in Grades 9-11

A Message From Phil Grant and Gretchen Muller

After receiving a wide range of feedback, the LSUU Board determined Monday, May 18, that high school students in grades 9-11 may choose a numeric course score that contributes to their GPA as an alternative to grades of Pass, Pass with Distinction, Incomplete and No Record.  The Pass, Pass with Distinction, Incomplete and No Record will continue to be the default unless we hear otherwise. 

  • Grades will be Pass with Distinction, Pass, Incomplete or No Record unless the student chooses a numeric score.
  • If a student chooses numeric course scores, the choice will apply to all of the student’s courses, including semester 2 and year-long classes. 
  • A student who opts for the numeric course score will need to do so by June 3.  Final grades will not be available prior to June 3; however, students can communicate with their teachers if they are uncertain about their academic performance in any class.   
  • Students will indicate their score choice through a single formal survey.  The survey will be shared with students through Advisory (TA) and school email.  Completion of the survey is required only if the student is choosing a numeric course score.  
  • No changes can be made after the June 3 deadline to ensure timely reporting.
  • Senior performance in all courses will be reported as Pass with Distinction, Pass, Incomplete and No Record.

Many of our students and families are struggling, often silently, now more than ever.  There is immense stress over lack of internet connectivity, job losses and financial hardship.  The changes made to our grading practices have brought some relief to many of our students and families facing hardship.  For those who choose the Pass, Pass with Distinction, Incomplete and No Record grading option, please be assured that similar changes are being adopted by high schools across Vermont and the nation.  Due to the varied needs and environments of students and families, these grading changes are being recommended by leading educational organizations. These changes will in no way impede our student’s college admissions. 

Since this pandemic began our number one goal has been to create a community of care, connection and compassion. We again thank you for your understanding, flexibility and patience as we all try our best to navigate this global pandemic. 


Phil Grant, PA Principal
Gretchen Muller, SHS Principal

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