Jennie's January 29, 2019 Newsletter

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Dear Families,

We have just finished up our author study of Jan Brett. We read many of her books over the last month. After The Mitten we continued with The Hat and The Snowy Nap. These books focus on a hedgehog character and the farm animals he lives with. We decorated hats using geometrical shapes and also matched socks and hats with upper and lowercase letters. We made hedgehogs out of salt dough and sorted animals, wild and farm, to create a bar graph.  Last week we read the story of Annie and the Wild Animals. We then baked our own corn muffins just like Annie! We also introduced letter G.

Last week we learned about ‘self talk’ in our Second Step Social Emotional Curriculum. We had a puppet show to illustrate how self talk can help keep you on task. For example at clean up time we can say to ourselves “blocks go on the shelf” or “markers in the basket” to remind ourselves what we are focusing on. In our classroom we use many songs that contain self talk to help at transitions. A friendly song about the task at hand can be a very powerful tool.

We just had a visit from Molly, our Farm to School coordinator. She taught us about ‘roots and shoots’. We did a ‘mystery bag’ activity to feel and guess the vegetable and then talked about if it grew above or below the ground. We also had a taste test of cauliflower, carrot and bell pepper. Many of the kids really liked the vegetables. Molly helped us start sprouting lima beans to watch how a root and a shoot develop. This will be interesting to observe. We will do more with plants in the spring during our life cycle unit.

We will now be moving onto a deeper focus of animals in winter. I have received many of the General Health Examinations Forms from your doctors, thank you! Please send in the number of people attending on February 7th- Valentine Make and Take 5-6:30pm- if you are planning to come! Thanks, Jennie