Looking Ahead - A Message from the LSUU Board

We Are Unified

As we prepare for the 2019-2020 school year we now know where we stand – as one unified school district. The Lamoille South Unified Union (LSUU) will continue to provide a top-tier, high-quality education for all students in all of the schools in Elmore, Morristown, and Stowe.  Merging our school districts provides us with the opportunity to not only reflect on where we came from but to look ahead at where we want to go.  We are committed to working together to do what is best for all of our students.

Under the new governance structure the board, administration, and all staff will continue to provide an outstanding education for all students.  The board will have three focus areas for 2019-2020:  Governance and Policy, Quality and Equity, and Capital and Facilities.  Within the three focus areas, the board identified the following goals for the year:

Governance and Policy

  • Govern as a cohesive board over all seven schools, have a high level of understanding of all schools, and gain community confidence in our governance.
  • Adopt required and high-priority policies, and establish a plan for addressing all policies, if needed, in a future year. 
  • Present a clear and thoughtful budget proposal that supports high-quality education, is valued by our community, and will secure strong community support for budget approval.

Quality and Equity

  • Develop and approve definitions of equity and quality of education that are based on our review of research and supported by examples.  Include clear communications that articulate the difference between different and inequitable.
  • Review data about learning opportunities, supports, and student outcomes to inform decisions about quality and equity. 
  • Identify and celebrate areas of increased collaboration among schools.

Capital and Facilities

  • Engage the community to better understand our facilities needs.  Provide opportunities for community members to offer input, and identify hopes and dreams for our schools.
  • Determine the need for a school facilities best use study.

To achieve these goals the board will: 

1.  Develop and implement a community engagement and communication plan addressing budget development, facility needs, and quality and equity.

2.  Develop and implement a policy adoption plan.

3.  Determine the need for a school facilities best use study.

4.  Identify all schools’ strengths and needs.

5.  Study Quality and Equity: 

  • review research, data, and best practices;
  • develop and adopt definitions;
  • create a matrix that supports prioritization and planning, provides examples;
  • look for ways to expand opportunity to address inequities or differences; and
  • begin exploration of variables contributing to differences and inequities (schedules, transportation, etc.) and options to address them.

Our new structure allows us to reassess how we have done things in the past and find ways to do them better for our future.  From better utilizing data to reviewing the needs and uses of our facilities, this governance change will present opportunities that we couldn’t even think of, never mind deliver, just a year ago.  The board is excited about the opportunities ahead and looks forward to working together as one unified community to deliver an excellent education for our children.

David Bickford, Karen Cleary, Stephanie Craig, Tiffany Donza, Penny Jones, Leigh Pelletier, Cara Zimmerman

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