LSSU E-Newsletter November 20, 2018

A Message From Superintendent Tracy Wrend

As you prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday I wanted to provide another brief update on Act 46, as well as our continued work to advance equity and inclusion in our schools.

Unfortunately despite excellent testimony by our school board members, the Vermont State Board of Education (VSBE) narrowly voted down our request to reconsider their decision to merge the governance of our school districts. The SSD and EMUU boards have met and are waiting the VSBE’s final determination before deciding whether to pursue litigation. We will continue to keep you updated after the November 28 VSBE meeting.

In regard to our work on furthering equity and inclusion, all of our middle and high school students will be receiving direct instruction on how to combat hate and create an equitable, welcoming environment for all the week following the Thanksgiving break. Please consider reviewing the following document from the Anti-Defamation League on best practices for talking with your children about any racism, hate or intolerance they may encounter:

I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday and look forward to welcoming your children back to school next week.



EMUU and SSD Board Brief
November 19, 2018

Act 46
As we continue to focus on how to respond to the Vermont State Board of Education’s (VSBE) decision to merge the governance of our schools, the SSD and EMUU boards met to discuss possible pending litigation. We are waiting for the VSBE’s final determination and report on November 28th before making any decisions on what our response will be.

Our two boards are committed in our belief that our current operating structure is the best means to meet the goals of Act 46 and that we should be allowed to continue as we are. To protect the best interests of our communities, we are developing a comprehensive response to the VSBE’s decision.

At our next joint meeting on November 28th, which also is the date of the VSBE’s final determination, we will be meeting at Morristown Elementary School to discuss: 1. The VSBE final decision; 2. Draft articles of agreement; 3. Lobbying options and communications; and 4. Joint litigation.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

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