LSUU E-Newsletter March 19, 2020

A Message From Superintendent Tracy Wrend

The coming days and months will likely redefine the understanding of the role of public education for the wellbeing of not only our students but our families, neighbors and friends, vulnerable adults, emergency responders and health care providers -  essentially our entire community, state and nation. Our interdependence and strong community spirit may never be more evident or important.

For the foreseeable future, all of our focus will be on continuous learning for our students as well as their health, wellbeing and safety of our students and community members. 

LSUU will be providing FREE breakfast and lunch to all children 18 and under while schools are closed. Starting today, March 18, visit us on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at one of our pick up locations. In advance of pick up, it is helpful if you can send Jeff Brynn an email ([email protected]) to place an order. While placing an order is not mandatory, it is helpful. Drive or walk to a pick up site. Children do not need to be present. Children do not need to be enrolled at LSUU. Children will be fed as long as they are 18 and under. 

Pick up locations: 
Morristown Elementary School  9:30 - 11:00 a.m.
Stowe Elementary School  9:30 - 11:00 a.m.

On Mondays, each child will receive 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches (4 meals). 

On Wednesdays, each child will receive 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches (4 meals). 

On Fridays, each child will receive 1 breakfast and 1 lunch (2 meals). 

All families will receive communications from their student’s teachers about supports for keeping learning on track over the next few days.  Learning will be in place of all students by Monday, March 23.  We are able to provide 1:1 devices for all students and families as well as book bags filled with learning materials and needed resources during this period of school closure for students.  We plan to connect with every student every day-- using video chat tools or phone-- and will remain in regular contact with parents and families.

Thank you for your understanding, patience and flexibility during this unsettling time. If there is one thing we know for certain, it is that as a community we will get through this, and as in moments of crisis in the past we will emerge stronger and more resilient than before. 



Lamoille South Unified Union Board Brief
March 16, 2020

We deferred several items to future agendas in order to spend time discussing the Coronavirus, its impact on our school community, and the prevention and preparedness of the district.  

Tracy Wrend shared that all in Lamoille South are working hard to prepare and prevent the spread of illness in our schools. Our Director of Nursing Services, Jordan Myerson, and members of our school health team are in close communication with the Department of Health and are assisting with school precautions and preparedness. Our facilities teams redoubled cleaning and disinfecting procedures, especially of high-touch surfaces. They also assisted with safe, effective cleaning products for use by staff and students. We canceled student travel and monitored carefully for developments that suggest the need for changing future student travel and/or other school events. 

On March 15, per the guidance of Governor Scott and the Vermont Department of Health (VDH), LSUU escalated contingency planning for the closing of schools for students by the end of the day Tuesday, March 17. This directive will last through April 6, but may need to be extended.  LSUU schools remained open on Monday and Tuesday.

Tracy shared three primary goals.  First, schools are continuing work to start educational services for all students by Monday, March 23.  Second, we are gathering information about faculty and staff members’ willingness and ability to work on-site if needed; this information will be used to plan for continuity of services.  And finally, we are beginning plans for childcare, if needed.

Systems are also in place so that while schools are closed, LSUU will be providing free breakfast and lunch to all children 18 and under.

Public education is an essential service, as vital to the well-being of our communities as many other human and economic services and a foundational support for healthcare and emergency responders. Please join us in making the very best difference we can for each other and for every child, family, and community member throughout the coming days and weeks.

As a board we are extremely appreciative of the hard work of all our employees to prepare for closure while ensuring our schools promote safety and health and keep learning on track.  We want to connect voice-to-voice with every student, every day.

Board Reorganization
David Bickford will remain as board chair and our board vice chair will continue to be Stephanie Craig.  Tiffany Donza will serve as board clerk.  Board meetings will be held on the first and third Monday of each month, with the first meeting being at Stowe Elementary and the second at Morristown Elementary.  

Policy Adoption
Policies on Prevention of Employee Harassment, Title 1 Parental Involvement Compact and Security Cameras were adopted by the board.

Anticipated Graduation Dates
Stowe High School Class of 2020 will graduate at noon on Saturday, June 13.
Peoples Academy Class of 2020 will graduate at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 18.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We will be holding virtual board meetings for the foreseeable future.  Additional information will be shared soon.

LSUU’s E-Newsletter, including Board Briefs will be posted at the Thursday following each board meeting. You can read it there, or receive it directly by email by subscribing at More detailed information regarding Lamoille South Unified Union School Board meetings can be found in our board minutes:

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