LSUU E-Newsletter October 24, 2019

A Message From Superintendent Tracy Wrend

We experienced a lively, productive and inspiring Community Engagement Forum with over one hundred community members participating.  Parents, students and staff from all three towns enjoyed a discussion of their hopes, dreams and expectations are for quality, equity and facilities – all while enjoying healthy portions of lasagna. Thank you to everyone who came and provided their thoughts, hopes and dreams. This feedback that the board received is now being processed and is informing the board’s vision and next steps.

People are busy.  We understand that not everybody could attend the Community Engagement Forum but we still want to hear from you!  Please consider taking a minute to share your hopes and dreams for the future of our students and schools by taking this survey.  The board's goals for the year include a focus on quality, equity and school facilities.  Your feedback will guide the board's action steps in these priority goal areas. 

Thank you. 



Lamoille South Unified Union Board Brief
October 21, 2019

Board Member Resignation
Cara Zimmerman has resigned from the LSUU board effective October 21, 2019.  Cara has served as a member of the Stowe board since 2016 and the LSUU board since 2019.  We are grateful for her dedicated service to the children and communities of Stowe, Morristown and Elmore.

The board will appoint a board chair and interview candidates for the two board vacancies at their meeting on November 4.  Candidates must be legal voters in the Town of Stowe.   To arrange an interview with the board, please contact Lisa Cross by email at [email protected] or by phone at 888-4541.

Policy Progress
As a new governing entity, the LSUU district must adopt policies.  This is an opportunity to review and improve the policies of the former governing districts.  On Monday night, the board formally adopted 23 policies, completed a first read on four policies that will be warned for adoption on November 18 and held an initial work session on five policies that will be reviewed again at a subsequent meeting. 

Community Engagement Feedback
At its summer retreat, the board set a goal for the coming year to begin addressing issues of Quality, Equity and Facilities in our district.  Board members reviewed community feedback received at the October 14 forum surrounding the topic of Quality, with Valerie Sullivan and Maura Wieler facilitating discussion around what components of Quality might include going forward.  This positive evening was one step toward our future, and we want to continue to hear from you -- please take a moment to complete our short survey at

Snowplowing and Mowing for Morristown Schools
The board accepted the one year bid received from Robert and Sons to complete snowplowing and mowing services for Morristown schools.

Budget Process Review
Andy Lundeen provided the board with a brief overview of the timeline for the FY21 budget.  The board will begin reviewing the proposed budget at the December 2 meeting.

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