Sharing TIme

Sharing Time

This year I have decided to begin a sharing or ‘show and tell’ rotation. This means each child will have a day to share something from home with the class. This will be a great way to practice our Listening Rules. The Listening rules that we have learned about are: eyes watching, ears listening, voices quiet, bodies still. We have been practicing these all year and recently did a second step lesson to review and practice these skills.Image result for second step listening rules poster

The first share will have will be about family traditions. We have been talking a lot about family in this holiday season. What is your child’s favorite family tradition? Your child can bring in a picture, object, recipe or just tell us about their favorite thing that your family does every year.

Sharing rotation

M/W                          T/TH

Nov. 28                     Layne Nov. 29               Carter

Dec. 3                       Emelie Dec. 4                 Izzy

Dec. 5                       Kiondre Dec. 6                 Aaron

Dec 10                      Lyla Dec. 11               Laurel

Dec.12                      Maverick Dec. 13               Soren

Dec. 17                      Brooklyn Dec 18              Audrey

Dec. 19                      Destiny