PARENT PORTAL and Schoology Parent Access- HOW TO

What, How, and Why

Schoology Parent Access

At Lamoille South Supervisory Union, we utilize a Learning Management System called Schoology.  A Learning Management System is a software application that allows teachers and students to plan, implement and assess specific learning targets or proficiencies.  Teachers organize course materials, assignments, and learning activities in a way that supports their instructional design. Students have continuous access to course materials, and a platform to provide evidence of understanding, review teacher feedback and adjust student work accordingly, and track progress toward meeting course goals.  In particular, Schoology allows teachers, students and parents to view student learning from a growth perspective, using a feature Schoology calls “Mastery.”


The Mastery page provides a summary of each course proficiency based on the collection of student work or evidence related to that proficiency.  Tracking growth and performance by proficiency offers teachers, students, and parents more accurate information about what the student knows and can do.  Focusing on collections of related evidence of a specific proficiency allows the ability to recognize and capitalize on student strengths while deliberately designing supports, practice, and learning activities to improve areas of weakness.  This tool helps shift the emphasis and focus from grades, typically reported at the end of learning, to an emphasis on growth and ongoing assessment as part of the learning process. For more on proficiencies, please visit LSSU's Road to Proficiency website.


The Schoology Parent Portal provides parents access to view their student’s courses, track their student’s mastery feedback, view student’s assignments and have access to the calendar of student assignments.

Link to Schoology for Parent Access

Parent Feedback

As you are using the Schoology Parent View, we would appreciate hearing your feedback about the platform. Please use the link to the form below to share with us feedback about the different features in the Schoology Parent View. For questions and feedback about specific courses or questions about your student please reach out to the following people.


Stowe Middle and High School:  Chris Meier at [email protected]

Peoples Academy Middle Level: Your student’s TA teacher

Peoples Academy: Please reach out to your student’s teacher

Below are Text and Video Directions to assist you with using the Parent Portal.

Please note, Schoology made changes to its format during the summer. We are in the process of creating updated parent resources that we will post shortly. In the mean time, we have left the resources below but please note that they should be considered general guidance as many details have changed.

Parent Instructions - Google Slide Presentation








PowerSchool Parent Portal

PowerSchool Parent Portal is a secure, internet-based application through which parents and guardians of middle and high school students are able to view details of their student’s academic record.

Through the Parent Portal, parents and guardians have instant access to important information such as attendance and Registration information. Please note that other information you are able to see may change from time to time as features are added.

You will need a username and password to access Parent Portal. Credentials can be obtained by attending school open house events at the beginning of the school year or by contacting the school your child attends. You can access Parent Portal by clicking on the link to the above.

There are also mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices.

Link to Parent Portal

Below are Video Directions to assist you with using the Parent Portal.